What advice would you offer women who aim to become a Director or C-Suite Executive, or already are?

TIP: Professional handshake

In some cultures, a weak handshake is a deal-breaker. Ever shook hands with someone in business and felt like you were shaking dishcloth? A confident handshake says a lot about you. When first meeting people in a business environment, remember that your handshake is your mark, your first impression. It will be remembered. Although these 5 articles on the handshake were written for Sales, they contain excellent advice for everyone, both men and women. Understand the power of a warm, firm and full handshake. Women, learn to give a professional handshake, and you will be more successful.

TIP: Dress for success

Want to get ahead? Cover that cleavage, says research. A few days ago, The Sun reported on a survey undertaken by, a fashion website, that found that about six out of 10 bosses cited women showing too much cleavage as the ultimate fashion offense. Share your tips and vote here.

Add your success tips for women Directors and CEOs.

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