The World Needs More Qualified Women On Corporate Boards

How does more women on boards impact a corporation’s performance? There is an increasing amount of data to support the need for gender balance on corporate Advisory Boards, Board of Directors, and the Executive C-Suite of many a corporation.

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Women on Top

Does having more females in the boardroom make a difference?
by Mindful Money, Jul 2011

“Research is stacking up to underpin the business case for having more women on top. The Davies review quoted studies showing how companies with more women on their boards outperform rivals, with a 42 per cent higher return on sales, 66 per cent higher return on invested capital and 53 per cent greater return on equity.” Learn more

Davies Report Calls for More Women in the Boardroom
by BBC, News Business, Feb 2011

“Firms have been told to more than double the number of women on their boards by 2015, or face government measures. Former minister Lord Davies of Abersoch has urged FTSE 350 companies to boost the percentage of women at the board table to 25% by 2015. But he stopped short of imposing quotas, unless voluntary measures fail.

The Chartered Management Institute (CMI) said the news would be welcomed by “nervous businesses”. Lord Davies called on chairmen to announce in the next six months their goals “to ensure that more talented and gifted women” get top jobs.” Learn more

2011 Board of Directors Survey
by Heidrick & Struggles, Nov 2011

“As boardrooms lead corporations in challenging economic times, more than ever, directors are pressured by internal and external stakeholders to deliver results. Indeed, with continued turmoil in the markets and increasing scrutiny of governance, board accountability remains top-of-mind in the business and financial communities. One front-line question on those observing boards today is the role of diversity, not just in the United States, but globally.

Is the board diverse across both gender and skill sets? To what extent does gender play a role in interpreting risks and evaluating trust, particularly in light of increased scrutiny from shareholders and regulators? How do women and men approach boardroom composition and should shareholders take steps to ensure large institutions offer a more diverse board mix?” Learn more

Research data on women at the top. If you have a survey, poll or other that may interest SATT members, send it to and we’ll share it here. Thanks!

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