Our Mission

To raise awareness and promote collaborative, competent and effective gender balance on advisory boards, board of directors and executive C-suite, empower more qualified women to take action, and drive this message of equality and efficacy into corporate boardrooms worldwide.

Top Line Positioning • Value

Did you know companies with women directors earn 42% more profit? It’s time for more qualified women to sit at the table… the boardroom table. Men need to be part of this change as they hold the lock traditionally.

“The source of all life and knowledge is in man and woman, and the source of all living is in the interchange and the meeting and mingling of these two: man-life and woman-life, man-knowledge and woman-knowledge, man-being and woman-being.” -D. H. Lawrence

Inform, encourage, connect, and empower women wanting to pursue Advisory, Director and Executive C-suite opportunities, whether public or private corporations. SATT works closely with those who support its mission globally. SATT members provide an array of products and services designed especially for this market.

Meryl Streep as Margaret Thatcher

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Going with the Flow of the Universe

Sit At The Table began in latter April 2011 as a social forum to gauge interest in women and diversity on corporate boards. Approximately one month after launching the website and social media communities, various organizations and volunteers from around the globe began calling to ask SATT to collaborate on events.

The fact is, there needs to be more qualified women (and men) on Corporate Boards and in the Executive C-suite (i.e. CEO, CFO, COO, CMO). Although the task appears to be less daunting for men, we support both women and men as we believe in gender equality on corporate boards. Currently there are substantially more women on non-profit boards.

Our focus is helping women find the resources they need, whether a Director or C-suite Executive. We do this by informing and connecting them with SATT members who provide products and services in their area of expertise, i.e. on-boarding, governance training, public speaking. Although our focus is women, we understand that men make up the other half of the world and welcome both genders to join the conversation in our private forum on LinkedIn.

Sit At The Table is the Voice for Women at the Top

Once SATT launches you may be interested in:

  • Becoming a Member if you are seeking a Director or Executive C-suite role
  • Mentoring, coaching, training, and on-boarding via SATT Mentors and members
  • Promoting your products & services to SATT members
  • Directory listing (women/men seeking Board/C-suite roles, companies seeking women/men, companies with women on board)
  • Member Events, Member Resource Directory
  • Speaking at member events/hosting workshops on, i.e. diversity, metrics, mentoring, board readiness, governance, directors & officers insurance, resource allocation, social media, safety including data securitybullying, mobbing, misogyny (vanilla version), baiters
  • Internship and Volunteering, i.e. blogging, online research, social media curator

SATT does not provide products and services to the business community—its members do. For example: events marketing, connecting companies with qualified individuals who are seeking director/C-suite opportunities, connecting members with companies seeking more qualified women/men at the top, assisting companies with their diversity model, working on member campaigns/marketing, professional speaking, promoting workshops and board readiness programs hosted by members.

A few ways to get involved:

- Professional speakers for member events
- Guest bloggers
- Online statistical research (women at the top, companies with women on board)
- Ambassador social media curators
- Marketing and media
- Providers of board-readiness/preparedness programs and workshops
- Professional writers (media articles, whitepapers)
- Public Relations

Above is a sampling of the opportunities and benefits that are available to SATT members via members. We welcome creative ideas and programs that will add value to the forthcoming membership package!

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